We work for a sustainable future where the plastics industry and global environmental goals go hand in hand


We are converting our products to fossil-free alternatives together with our partners


We find new applications, products and materials according to our customers' needs


PVC can be a ENVIRONMENTALLY EFFICIENT, SUSTAINABLE and a RECYCLABLE material in many contexts. It is worth investing in a continued development towards a GREEN transition of raw materials.

When is PVC the right material compared to others? Contact us, we are happy to help!

  • At OHLA we have worked with PVC and plastics since 1987 and have accumelated extensive expertise and insight of its properties and possibilities.
  • During the past 10-15 years, PVC and its additives have developed enormously and today meet the strictest environmental requirements.
  • At OHLA we follow the green transition closely and are in the forefront when it comes to development and choosing raw materials for environmentally sustainable products and recipes.
  • We can offer PVC plastic made of bio-attributed PVC in combination with various bio-plasticizers.
  • We have PVC that meets the EU requirements for toys for children under 3 years, and is completely without R-phrases.
  • No products contain plasticizers with phthalates and all pigments are free of heavy metals.
  • All production is electrified from renewable sources.