We undertake mixing of liquids and powders and package according to customer-specific requirements.

Microgranulation via underwater pelleting on a smaller scale is another expertise area we have equipment for. Ask us for more information, we are happy to look into your specific requirements.

We have different mixing machines and offer specially adapted equipment accordingly.

Today we mix and deliver to several large customers according to their specific requirements.

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Developing recipes

We are constantly developing new sustainable materials with the least possible environmental impact. Today we have fossil-free PVC and plasticizers in stock. Fossil-free alternatives are as for now slightly more expensive than oil-based, but it may be a wise choice to start looking at alternatives that meet new green standards. Testing alternatives and changing recipes can also improve the properties of the finished product. We have good examples where the strength of the PVC increased fourfold thanks to new green additives.


We undertake packaging of powders and liquid mixtures according to customer-specific requirements. We have a tube filling machine for liquids adapted for aluminum tubes from 50ml to just over 100 ml.