CeGe Green

It should be easy and efficient to join PVC materials. That is why we have developed a new environmentally friendly cold welding product: CeGe Green

CeGe Green contains no volatile solvents and is therefore significantly better to use from a health standpoint, than other welding products on the market. No respirator nor mask is needed and CeGe Green has the same health rating as washing detergent.

CeGe Green is not flamable and has no restrictions on transportation nor storage. There is no risk for ignition of gases in the work area.

An opened tube can be re-sealed for later use, with no nozzle that dries shut.

CeGe green hardens slowly. This has proven to be an advantage as you can make final adjustments before the joint is completely sealed. Furthermore, you can easily wipe off any excess or spill immediately.

We recommend that you wait at least one day before subjecting the joint to pressure. The strength increases with time och full styrka uppnås efter en till fyra veckor och då är man i klass med vad man kan åstadkomma med varmfogning.

Även om kallsvets främst används för heterogena och skummade golv har vi med CeGe Green också haft stor framgång vid fogning av homogena golv och den fugerar även på rör och profiler

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Instruction film