Mixing PVC

Discover all the possibilities with PVC

We deliver plasticized PVC according to customer-specific requirements. Our products range from transparent to colored, thin liquid to thick paste, all with different qualities. For coating on fabrics we offer dipping and printing solutions. We deliver paste for molding and also specialize in fossil-free compounds for extrusion purposes. 

  • We supply PVC-plastics for further processing and can handle batch sizes from a few kilos to several tonnes.
  • We supply a variety of standardized products with options for costumers to costumize viscosity, material quality and color.
  • Thanks to our laboratory we can perform extensive tests to match our products to the client's machine and end-product requirements.

Example of coating of fabric with paste pigmented with fluorescent paint.

Glove dipped to obtain a waterproof and durable layer.

Molding of prostheses for the healthcare industry where great demands are placed on the product's content from a health point of view. Our product comply with the EU's Toys Directive.

Paste for screen printing of text and patterns. It can also be made transparent for transfer printing.

Microplastisol är en miljöanpassad specialplastisol avsedd för uppvärmning i microugn.

PVC covering on various metals, usually through dipping or coating.